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10 May 2009, 14:12
Streak Of Silver is a free skin from CC Designs (http://cc-designs.co.uk).

This professional looking skin blends seamlessly with the vBulletin icons. This is perfect for boards that want to look professional but want a skin that is easy on the eyes.

Our new quick links feature allows users to quickly and easily access the most common used areas of the site, the feature supports Admin & Mod permission links so everything can be done as soon as you log in.

With our easy to read installation guide and lack of manual edits, the installation of this skin could not be easier.

Again, this is a free skin no commercial version any update released for this skin will be released here. You can donate to CC Designs by clicking "Support the Developer" to help us get more free skins out.

Support will only be given to those who Mark as Installed

------------------INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (more detail in README in file)------------

Thank you for choosing Streak Of Silver, here is what you need to do to upload your skin.
Step 1:
Go to ACP > Skins & Templates > Download / Upload Styles > Upload.

Step 2:

Now you need to upload your everything in your "upload" folder to your images directory in your forum.

When Finished Your image directory should be YOURFORUM/images/sos/ .

Step 3:

Go to your skin selector on your forum and select Streak Of Silver.

Thank you,

CC Designs.

10 May 2009, 15:26