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11 May 2009, 19:06
OK, I'm ready to add my own background and logo . . . I made both in Photoshop and have them saved to computer.
Can anyone tell me in super simple terms how I get them from a picture folder on my computer to my forum? I did a search and found a little info but not enough for me to figure it out:o
I'm very green. . . this is all very new to me and not making much sense yet.

Thank you!!!

11 May 2009, 19:13
Are you meaning you need help with your ftp client or you need help knowing where to put them on your site and how to get them to show up in your style?

11 May 2009, 19:19
that's how beginner I am. . . I'm not even sure, LOL! It's like Japanese to me. . . another language :(
I just downloaded the forums and have yet to customize it . . .
I guess I need it all{?}
I need to know how to get my logo & b/g into the files to even upload to my server?
I saw someone say assign it a url? How?

I'm sorry, I probably really needed to hire this out.

11 May 2009, 19:22
Did you install vbulletin yourself? Do you understand the directory structure of the forums - like the /image folder and the other directories in the /image folder?

11 May 2009, 19:30
yes, I installed it myself.
Do you mean on my server? . . . I've never even peeked into an image folder related to this :erm:

11 May 2009, 19:45
If you installed it yourself, didn't you have to upload all the files to a directory? Maybe it is named "forums"? Inside that folder should be a folder called "images" which is where most images for your styles are saved. Do you know where your images folder is? Are you creating a new style or modifying the existing one?

11 May 2009, 19:50
I blindly uploaded it all myself, it took me much longer as I had no clue what I was doing and had to ask for help from host and vbull the whole way thru it. . . . so yes, I uploaded all the "upload" files to my server. On my server I can see an 'images' file in my directory.

11 May 2009, 20:26
OK, let's try this....

What is the full name of your background and your logo image? And, is your background image a single image you wish to be displayed once or something that you need to have 'repeated'?

11 May 2009, 20:36
my image name for my logo on my computer is tSSlogo1 in jpeg background is tSSbackground

Also, is there a specific size that's better for logo and one for backgrounds and should it be jpeg?
Not sure what you mean about repeated, my background I've chosen I want in all my forums/pages. Is that what you mean?

11 May 2009, 20:48
Make sure your images have extensions. They should not just be named "tSSbackground", but instead "tSSbackground.jpeg" (or whatever extension they are).

I can't answer regarding specific sizes since I'm really not a graphics person. Perhaps Shelley or someone else who is good with graphics can answer that question. Regarding photoshop, make sure when you save the images, you Save for Web. That will make the images smaller in size for the web.

As for repeated, for instance the background on this page looks like this and is repeated vertically (I'll link to it since it is so long) - http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/images/cstyle/blue/bodybkgd950px.jpg

11 May 2009, 21:26
Ok thanks!

So they're on my computer . . . what do I do w/ them now? I still don't know how to go from having them saved on my computer to seeing them on my forum{?}

11 May 2009, 21:46
Well, you upload them and then point to them in your style.

Default vb uses these folders to put the logo and background - /images/misc for the banner/logo and /images/gradient for most background gradients. So, go ahead and put them in those folders. Then, enter the logo path in Style Manager > find your style > StyleVars > Title Image and then for the background, you would enter the image most likely in Style Manager > find your style > Main CSS > Body > background box: #color url(images/gradients/tSSbackground.jpeg) (something like that)

11 May 2009, 21:52
LOL! trying to even understand that:o

1st I open my server and find my images on my computer to upload? Then upload them into my images folder?

11 May 2009, 21:59
Yes. But, in your images folder is a folder called misc. Put the logo in there. The go back to your images folder and go to the gradients folder. Put the background in there.

11 May 2009, 22:00
within my server or in my downloads file on my MAC?

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I'm sorry, this is probably so clear but it's the very first time I've ever tried this. . . I can Mod and Admin any vbull forum, but I've never been on this side, setting one up :(

11 May 2009, 22:02
You want to upload them to your server. You should probably keep a copy also on your Mac in the same place.

11 May 2009, 22:33
from within my server folders, I can't find the pics on my MAC{?}

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I figured it out. . . moved the files over. . . now what?

12 May 2009, 00:46
from within my server folders, I can't find the pics on my MAC{?}

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I figured it out. . . moved the files over. . . now what?
From post 12:
Then, enter the logo path in Style Manager > find your style > StyleVars > Title Image and then for the background, you would enter the image most likely in Style Manager > find your style > Main CSS > Body > background box: #color url(images/gradients/tSSbackground.jpeg) (something like that)

12 May 2009, 01:32
OK, figured out what you're saying, but it's not working.
I see I'm changing something as the vbull logo turns into a ?
I saved the logo as tSSLOGO.jpeg and uploaded it on filezilla. Did I miss something?

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I am not getting my B/G or my logo to successfully load in admincp.{?} I have found where I can customize everything, so thank you! I hadn't found this yet. . . . but I'd love to see the logo and B/G on it.

12 May 2009, 02:02
Do you have a link to your site?

12 May 2009, 02:34

12 May 2009, 03:13
OK, this is where it says it is looking for the logo:
If you had put it in the /images/misc folder, then it should be in:
But, it's not there either, so you need to figure out where you put it.

As for the background, you don't have it listed in the css at all.

12 May 2009, 03:23
can I just upload both again?

12 May 2009, 03:35
You can, but you also need to know where you put them and put the correct path into the StyleVars page.

Also, you didn't enter anything into Main CSS for the background image which is why it isn't showing up.

12 May 2009, 03:42
is there a way to 'find them'?

12 May 2009, 03:45
it's here, how do I get it to show up?

Thanks again BTW :)

12 May 2009, 03:46
Using an ftp application? I don't know about that. Take a look at where you thought you installed them - the images or misc directory. Look around those directories and see.

12 May 2009, 03:47
it's here, how do I get it to show up?

Thanks again BTW :)
Like I said in my post before:
enter the image in Style Manager > find your style > Main CSS > Body > background box: #color url(images/gradients/tSSbackground.jpeg) (something like that)

Change color to a color number.

12 May 2009, 03:57
I entered thisin my "Body Background":

per my screenshot, are they in the correct place?

12 May 2009, 04:00
according to the image, you put tSSback in the misc folder instead of the gradient folder. So, put it into the gradient folder and see if it shows up on your forum.

12 May 2009, 04:18
ugh, didn't work. I dragged it to gradient folder and I saw the upload update.

12 May 2009, 06:12
Check the permissions on the image cuz I'm getting a 403 Permissions Denied on this image - http://www.theswankysanctuary.com/images/gradients/tSSback.jpeg . It needs to be readable by the world - usually chmod 644.

12 May 2009, 13:33
I can't even see it, lol!
I have no idea what chmod 644 is{?}

12 May 2009, 17:17
Select the image on the site and do a apple + i (get information) on it. It will come up with something that will talk about the permissions on the image. You should see three numbers - xxx. Change that to 644.

12 May 2009, 20:27
strangest thing . . . apple/ command+i pops up my e-mail on this MacBook{?}*scratching head*

12 May 2009, 20:33
Then just go a Get Info on it. Select the file and find Get Info from the top menu.

13 May 2009, 03:28
I am not seeing. . . I have 2-finger clicked to pull up apple's version of rt click and I've tried the command+i . . . what info should I see?
For me, my logo is showing as a question mark. Is it showing the same for you?

It's not possible to just delete it and try again?

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mine is jpeg, I'm noticing all the examples are in gif{?}

13 May 2009, 05:57
Click on the image on the server, then go to your top menu bar and see if there is something called Get Info under one of the dropdowns.

What ftp client are you using? Have you tried doing a google search on how to change permissions on a file using that client?

This is what you have in your source code for the image:
<img src="images/misc/tSSLOGO" border="0" alt="Rooms" />

You need to put .jpeg at the end of the image name:
<img src="images/misc/tSSLOGO.jpeg" border="0" alt="Rooms" />

It still won't work until you fix the permissions on the image.

13 May 2009, 14:43
I'm using Filezilla.

When on the photo uploaded on my server and go to bar there's no "get info" or view properties. . . type of choice. But on my sever my photo is saved as such: /public_html/images/misc/tSSLOGO.jpeg

13 May 2009, 15:11
wow, I highlighted my logo - that's currently a ? - and selected View Source and it shows me coding for my whole forum. Is that normal?

:( I just want my logo on so I can launch for my friends and get this thing ready.

13 May 2009, 15:57
I really can't help you with the info you are providing. I suggest you look at the manual for your ftp client and figure out how to change the permissions. The error you are currently getting on the logo is a permissions error and you aren't going to be able to see the logo until you change the permissions for it.

(You may be able to change the permissions for it on your computer first (Get Info) and then upload it with the new permissions. That may be worth a try.)

13 May 2009, 20:43
figured out how to change permissions. It was 755, changed to 644 like you said and it didn't work . . . oddly after I'd hit OK, it'd default it to 744{?}

13 May 2009, 20:51
755 is fine (the bigger the number, the more permissions - do a google search to see how they are done). Check the permissions of your folder also.

I do wonder why you don't have other images in your misc folder. Default vbulletin has a whole lot of images in there and you aren't showing them on your list. Are you missing any images on your site (besides the ones you are trying to upload yourself)?

13 May 2009, 21:09
I wouldn't know :( I'm too beginner . . . I'd like to see my background as well . . .
Anyway for me to go back to my vBull files on my computer and upload certain folders again?
Should I delete my logo from server and try again?
There's other questions I'd like answered, I am DYING to get this part over with {I know you are too! LOL!}

13 May 2009, 21:29
Did you do as I said and check the permissions on the folder?

I still highly recommend you go read the manual on your ftp client and get to understand how to use it and how to move around in your forums directories.

Seven Skins
13 May 2009, 21:38
When I tried to view your logo: http://www.theswankysanctuary.com/images/misc/tSSLOGO.jpeg

It says "403 Permission Denied"

Change the permission of image so that we can see it. Usually chmod 644.


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It is also a good idea to use lowercase name for files and folder.

Try changing the name of the file to lowercase.

15 May 2009, 03:52
Did you see my response about changing the permission?
Really, simply changing the capitalization can make a difference?

Are there people here who do minor tweaks like this for a fee? I'm burning out. . .

15 May 2009, 04:36
Yes, there are people who do minor tweaks and stuff. You can post in this forum - Requests For Paid Services (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=30) Make sure you read the announcements at the top of the forum first

15 May 2009, 09:02
Hey there,

I've read through the thread and I have some tips with more specific details with regards to your FTP client and what you should be doing. I've included screenshots for ease of access and understanding.

Okay, so, you use Filezilla, correct? Awesome, same as me, easy client to use.

Right, People are using words you are unfamiliar with cos you've never used them before, not to worry, they're all relatively simple things.

CHMOD'ing is where you set permissions on a file, or folder on your webserver, through chmod'ing, you can control who can read, write and execute your file, or in this case, images. Right, thats a brief explanation, you don't really need to know what each mode does, just a general rule where the higher the number, the more permissions are there for normal web-goers.

Right, so, how to CHMOD using FileZilla

So, As you can see in this Image (click) (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=99177&stc=1&d=1242373187) We're in the "public_html/forums/images", now yours might be different, as not all people use a "/forums/" part, but it's essentially the same.

Right, now, I'm using vista, you're using Mac, it's gonna be differnet at some points, so do the mac equivalent of right clicking, on the misc folder, as seen in this Image (click) (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=99178&stc=1&d=1242373187), and scroll down to "File Attributes", click it.

Okay, now for the easy part. Replace what you have in your text box with 755, or 777, as seen in this Image (click) (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=99179&stc=1&d=1242373187).. You might need to tick the "Recurse into subdirectories" button, as is shown in the image.

That's the CHMOD sorted out. Now for the Logo replacement. It's pretty easy to replace the current vBulletin logo using the style manager, in your admincp find this bit Image (click) (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=99180&stc=1&d=1242373881) and replace:



"images/misc/tSSlogo1.jpeg" (if this is where it is uploaded to on the server...)

Now, DON'T SAVE YET. On the same page, find: Image (click) (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=99181&stc=1&d=1242374285) and put

#CC9966 url(images/gradients/tSSback.jpeg);

instead of


Also, I noticed somewhere that your site was looking for the images in "public_html/images", don't do that, don't include the public_html, just "images/misc" and "images/gradient" etc.

15 May 2009, 14:50
THANK YOU! I'm leaving for a bit, can't wait to get home and try these, I appreciate it :)

15 May 2009, 16:53
I didn't get it to work. Surprisingly I'm pretty sure I understood everything you said, I'm starting to figure out some of the lingo and I'm very familiar w/ the AdminCP now. . .

I'll screen shot the CP to see where I went wrong, oh and I changed the logo name to simply "logo.jpeg" and re-uploaded it as well as the background after I was told not to use caps. SO you won't see tSSback, etc. . .

15 May 2009, 17:11
Hmm, How odd. Did you do the CHMOD thing? When I try to access http://www.theswankysanctuary.com/images/misc/logo.jpeg

I get a 403 permissions denied, you may have to set the CHMOD at 777

15 May 2009, 17:15
yes, I changed the permissions. AGAIN :(

I just checked because after I submit it it always changes, I had it at 777 and I just checked and it shows 744 for me. I also checked the recurse thing you mentioned and that's no longer selected.

15 May 2009, 17:25
I think the images are getting saved incorrectly. They are somehow getting saved as 'folders' with an upload file in the folder. It's kinda weird. We'll get this all figured out, though, don't worry.

15 May 2009, 17:53
Your doing good ;)

You want to always put what you want on your website on your server. So copy it via your file manager or ftp from your computer to your forums :D

Basically you have the .zip file extracted onto your computer right? You should as you had to unzip then upload the contents to install the forums ;). Now anything you change on your computer has not changed on the server, so if you find the logo and change it you still need to upload it! Remember you should always copy the original and leave it in your computer as Copy of etc so you always have a backup of the original but only upload the modified file to your forums so it will show the changes on your website :D.

Take your time, you'll be a semi-pro in no time :p

15 May 2009, 17:59
I think you guys rock for hand holding this newbie! I REALLY do wanna do it myself so I can tweak and learn the behind the scenes stuff, at least for these basics!

15 May 2009, 18:07
You might want to make this change in your header template:

<td align="$stylevar[left]"><a href="$vboptions[forumhome].php$session[sessionurl_q]"><img src="$stylevar[titleimage]" border="0" alt="$vboptions[bbtitle]" /></a></td>
<td align="$stylevar[right]" id="header_right_cell">
<if condition="$ad_location['ad_header_logo']">$ad_location[ad_header_logo]<else />&nbsp;</if>

Change to:
<td align="center"><a href="$vboptions[forumhome].php$session[sessionurl_q]"><img src="$stylevar[titleimage]" border="0" alt="$vboptions[bbtitle]" /></a></td>

I took out the second td tag which you don't need if you aren't putting in an ad.

15 May 2009, 18:19
I did it! :D


15 May 2009, 18:22

15 May 2009, 20:29

15 May 2009, 20:31
lol... I have seen Mikey on here a few times but no one else helps like Lynne does & btw - congrats!

20 May 2009, 01:59
Hi! Thanks again for all your patience! I've learned from it and have been successful at tweaking further :)

Can I ask another question?
I don't know what the icon is called. . . . if you look in your address bar right now there's a vB icon at the beginning of the address. How do you remove/change that? Like if I had a tSS itty bitty logo to add instead?

20 May 2009, 05:30
It's called a favicon. You can google it and find lots of pages about them including this one - How to create a favicon (http://www.dailyblogtips.com/how-to-create-a-favicon/)

20 May 2009, 14:41
will do, grazie!