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17 May 2009, 03:47
First post; not sure about the format:

I searched for a decent BBcode in which gave me a border around the text.. just a simple border; nothing fancy.. nothing that is pure trash and confusing the user, just something to make the post purty.. well after a while and some help in the right direction from Lynne

Title: Border

BB Code Tag Name: Border

<div style="border: 2px ridge #F4E673; padding: 5px;">{option}<hr>{param}</div>

body goes here; doesnt affect the layout

This gives the user a golden border around the text which also allows for a header above the section

Use Option: Yes
Disable if tag not used: Yes
Rest of them: no

Demo: Here (http://www.closestudios.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14)

Extra info: if i get any requests to make a button image for it; ill do it- but i dont have it readily available on this computer.

Your Support
I dont care how you do it; just dont say its your when you know you got it from here =)

Brandon Sheley
17 May 2009, 04:48
Can you add a screenshot? The site(demo) is loading really slow

thx :)

17 May 2009, 05:15

Good effort, decent BB Code!

17 May 2009, 05:17
screenshot added; sorry about the forums loading a tad slow; still refining them

17 May 2009, 17:46
Thank you! Played with it a little works good.

17 May 2009, 19:51
Good Job! I'll look at using this :)


18 May 2009, 18:09
ty =)

19 May 2009, 12:02
Thanks installed.

19 May 2009, 16:26
Well, it allmost works.
If I put no title (e.g.bla,bla), it does not work.
There must be at least = sign (e.g.bla,bla)

Anyway, thanks for it, installed

19 May 2009, 21:30
Well, it allmost works.
If I put no title (e.g.bla,bla), it does not work.
There must be at least = sign (e.g.bla,bla)

Anyway, thanks for it, installed

you're right, tested both way, must use =

20 May 2009, 20:26
Glad y'all are enjoying it; and yes there has to be at least a = sign, i usually just add a space after it just to be sure.

23 Nov 2009, 00:36
I did it like this:
<div style="border: 2px ridge #CC0000; padding: 5px;">{param}</div>
Obviously you can change the color and the border thickness and style
then all you need is:
text or whatever

18 Dec 2009, 21:11
Installed, although I changed the style in the tag to a class and put the CSS bit in the stylesheet.

18 Dec 2009, 22:59
nice installed,,

PS "use option" should be No..
then you dont have to add = to

thats only if you want to add special features maybe let the user control border color.

then you would use this code

<div style="border: 2px ridge #{option}; padding: 5px;">{param}</div>

and the bbcode will be [border=ff0000] this makes a red box

I added both exsamples on screenshot