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Denver Jackson
28 May 2009, 19:28
Usergroup Colourbar

This modification enables you to display a usergroup colourbar at the bottom of your forumhome page.

How can I install this simple modification?

Go to your Administrator Control Panel > Styles & Templates > Style Manager > Choose your currently style > Edit Templates > Forum Home Display Templates > FORUMHOME

You must then find this following code:

<!-- end logged-in users -->Then add below that code:

<tr><td class="alt1" colspan="2" ><center><span class="smallfont"><font color="#CC0000"><b>Administrators</b></font> | <font color="#33CC00"><b>Moderators</b></font> | <font color ="#FFFFFF"><b>Registered users</b></font> | <font color ="#FFFF00"><b>V.I.P Members</b></font></span></center></td></tr>You can quite simply edit this code according to the usergroups and their colours on your forum.

I have attached a screenshot of how it should look once you have read through the above instructions.


29 May 2009, 17:48
I wouldn't use "<font color="#CC0000"><b>Administrators</b></font>"

I would use "<span style="color: #CC0000; font-weight: bold;">Administrator</span>"