View Full Version : SQL Query Help: Need to delete from one table based on value in another table

14 Jun 2009, 16:51
I am trying to delete a set of about 500 members from my Awaiting Email Confirmation group that have a set value for a custom profile i have that is required.

For example:

Profile Field is:

Value I want to flag is:

Im using PHPMyAdmin and I have this query so far...

DELETE FROM user WHERE userfield.field13 = 'test'

Im getting this error kicked back:

Unknown column 'field13' in 'where clause'

Im assuming that the error is because im trying to delete from one table while referencing another table and I have it directed incorrectly.

can anyone give me some insight as to how i need to query this correctly in order to delete users in the USER table based on a value set in the FIELD13 row within the USERFIELD table

Thanks a ton!

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