View Full Version : A Special Note of Thanks to Kier, Mike and Scott

vB.Org System
23 Jul 2009, 09:40
As many of you know by now several key Developers that have helped make vB the success it is today have left the team and are pursuing other career opportunities. On behalf of the vB Staff that has worked with Kier, Mike and Scott all these years I would like to express our thanks to all your hard work and best wishes to each of you in the future. You will be missed as both friends and colleagues.

Best of luck!

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Boosted Panda
25 Jul 2009, 01:47

May 9, 2009 I called it!!!!


Black Tiger
25 Jul 2009, 18:42
I remember your call Boosted Panda and also remember having a bit of a laugh in myself about it. Now I whished I hadn't laughed because what I never expect to happen, comes true.:(

I also wish to express my very thanks and my respects to Kier, Mike and Scott for all their work over all those years. And let us not forget all the support they gave.

Thank you again very much and all best wishes for the future and good luck with your careers. Maybe you could let us know how you are doing in due time.

25 Jul 2009, 21:01
Wow, it's kind of depressing that someone's early post predicted this entire leaving affair and such like. Although why it's rather upsetting many of the old staff have left, I'm not going to panic too much until vBulletin 4's release gives me something to panic about.