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31 Jul 2009, 23:09
Hello, This is my first time ever doing my own style, I hope someone gets some use out of it. Its a simple admin cp style that's easy on the eyes. If you find something wrong or have a suggestion please post here.

Used on version 3.8.2 & 3.8.3 with no issues.

Included in the Extras folder in the zip is a psd of the cp_logo so you can add your own if you would like.

Install: Extract then upload the cpstyles folder to your forums root directory. Log into admincp -> vBulletin Options -> Admin Control Panel Options -> Select the style "vBulletin Aqua Style" -> Save. Then refresh your browser and you should see the Aqua Style.


Please mark installed if you use this style. :)

31 Jul 2009, 23:19
Any screenshots?

31 Jul 2009, 23:26
Screenshot added, Thanks

31 Jul 2009, 23:30
Looks pretty good, I might try this out. Tagged for now, thanks :)

01 Aug 2009, 22:30
Not bad for a first, thanks :)

02 Aug 2009, 01:35
Wow - on first glance, this style look like a great match for my new forum http://WLSJourney.org = Thanks for the share - will give it a try!