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05 Aug 2009, 22:30
In my July 17 announcement (http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?t=313353), I estimated that we were about four to five weeks out from the start of alpha testing, and I'm happy to report that development is still tracking to that estimate.

As of today, nearly all of the templates for Forums have been ported to the new markup, and we've passed the 75% milestone for integrating them into the application. If development continues to go as well as it has been (and barring any surprises!), we should be able to begin alpha testing Forums starting the week of August 17th. Beta testing for the Forums will follow shortly after, as will alpha and beta testing of the Suite.

More news as it unfolds...

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06 Aug 2009, 00:36
on my birthday...

Boosted Panda
06 Aug 2009, 02:36
Right on time :mad:

06 Aug 2009, 04:03
I'm ready! :)