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James Birkett
23 Aug 2009, 17:12
In vBulletin they have a debug mode - and it is extremely useful, especially for people wanting to modify vBulletin.
Their debug mode allows you to see what parts of the forum are calling which hooks, as shown below:


As you can see, it shows what hooks are being called (that is the showthread.php page) - so you have an idea of which hook to use. It also holds information about page loads, global phrases etc.

How to turn debug mode on?
Put this in your config.php:
$config['Misc']['debug'] = true;

You could always have debug mode on for yourself by doing:

if($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] == 'Your IP') {
$config['Misc']['debug'] = true;

Hope this helps - it's very basic.

Additional info:
You must be in debug mode in order to edit/create new settings/settings groups, as well as adding templates to custom products.
Some other features is the rebuild bitfields, option to edit the admin help manager (blue ?) and some more.

26 Aug 2009, 05:05
You should also add that you need to be in debug mode in order to create new settings/setting groups, add new templates to custom products and etc...

28 Aug 2009, 05:45
maybe some dumb questions, but does it matter where on the config.php you put this code?

also, once you have it added how do you use it? i mean what do you do to see this list?

this is new to me, so sorry if it is a silly question...:)

28 Aug 2009, 19:03
You can add it anywhere as long as its inside the PHP tags <?php ?>. After you add it look at the bottom of your forum pages it will show the information.

17 Oct 2009, 13:11
Wow nice info, I didn't even know that you needed to be in debug mode for
some of those developer features! :-D (I thought it was JUST for debugging xD)

I should seriously consider reading the documentation now :)

11 Dec 2009, 12:00
Thank you for the information

25 Feb 2013, 19:11
Thank you :)

04 Apr 2013, 17:11
does it work with 3.8.x forums ?

04 Apr 2013, 17:18
does it work with 3.8.x forums ?
Yes, debug mode is available in 3.8.x also.

04 Apr 2013, 17:20
ok i will edite it now
thank you so much