View Full Version : Shiny Ice Blue Rank Sets

06 Sep 2009, 00:04
Yup. My second rankset released here. My first ones were...let's not talk about them, shall we?

Rankset is white-matted. I will POSSIBLY do Black Matted in the future. Who knows. If you wish to redistribute these (on other sites), contact me first.

Demo is attached. They are in png format, because I hate jpegs, and IE 6 can die for all I care. Don't discuss that here, please. Thank you. :)

PSDs ARE INCLUDED. I'm too lazy to do editing, plus I have college.

Mark as installed if used. Odds are, if I do add in black-matted ranks, I'll inform you all. Cheers.

06 Sep 2009, 00:08
Reserved for future updates.

06 Sep 2009, 00:53