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09 Sep 2009, 17:07

This is a Moderator Handbook written by me (Jay from PigFire.com). If you intend to use it, please do not remove the copyright.

Go through the file, read it yourself and replace PigFire.com with your website.
Also, replace anything you may need to, such as different administrator names etc.

You must read this yourself aswell before giving it to anyone as you will need to change things to adapt to your forum, or change your forum to adapt to the handbook. I suggest changing your forum for the handbook as there are some good, organised things inside.

Please do not write this off as your own, thats just being ungrateful as it did take me a while to write this.

The file type is .PDF. It has been packed into a .ZIP as .PDF are not allowed to be uploaded.
You will need WinZIP to open it, and Adobe Reader to read it.

Please reply with your thoughts.

19 Sep 2009, 06:39
Being a pdf, how do you suggest people edit it for their own use?

28 Sep 2009, 18:52
I just reviewed the PDF and it looks like copying and pasting to another editor would be pretty trivial.

06 Dec 2013, 03:50
Thank you for sharing your efforts, it's appreciated!