View Full Version : 2.0 Black Metal Edged Ranks

17 Sep 2009, 09:05
Here are some 2.0 styled Black Ranks with a Metal like edge to them. I hope they come of some use to someone. I've used a lot of contributions here and hope and start and scratching the surface of returning the favor.



These graphics are actually from a paid graphics package I sell on my design website. I plucked some from it too put up here. In the future I'll make some more just for free. I have a lot of color variations and additional labels for this style of button on my site. Just see my signature if you want to check any of that out or click on about the developer to your right. Because of other obligations and because these buttons are actually part of a paid package I am unable to support this here. However I will be in often as I can or often as people ask questions to help where I can. It is not officially supported though. I appreciate your understanding.

17 Sep 2009, 09:27
Also I almost forgot to mention. For any whose concerned these should show up very cleanly on any color background light or dark.