View Full Version : my posts - better overview in listed threads

18 Sep 2009, 06:42

Maybe someone here can help me find that mod.

When e.g. new posts listed, this mod gives you a better overview of all my posts in the list. It displays a small arrow, pic attached.

Same like on DP forums. I searched the whole vb.org forum with but couldnt find anything.

thanks for any help.


18 Sep 2009, 15:49
What does that arrow do? If you click it, it shows you all of your posts in that thread?

18 Sep 2009, 17:58
the arrow shows all threads where i posted something.

e.g. on new posts there is 20 posts and i posted in 3 posts.

so in those 3 new posts there is a arrow.

18 Sep 2009, 18:34
I think you are mixing up threads and posts (I'm guessing). I think you mean on New Posts there are 20 threads listed and in 3 of those threads, you have posted and there is an arrow next to that thread that links to the posts you made in that thread?

Have you tried asking the admin of the site for a link to the mod? You should grab the url of the mod and then you can use that. But, I think you will have to add to the thread query something that checks if you posted in it.

18 Sep 2009, 19:57
ty for trying to help me.

It lists the threads and the arrow is on the thread where i have posted something. Digital point forums has it.

iam sure it was posted here before but i cant remember the name of the mod. :(