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23 Oct 2009, 05:01
This mod will allow users to add backgrounds to their signatures. It requires 3 new fields and 1 template edit. This mod requires some experience in editing templates.

First field is X-1:

Type: Single-Line Textbox
Name: Signature Background
Details: Choose a color or image for your background
The rest is default. On this field color names, hex values or links can be used. ie., black, white, #000000, #FFFFFF, http://yourimagelink.com/yourimage.png, http://yourimagelink.com/yourimage.gif

Second field is X-2:

Type: Single-Line Textbox
Name: Signature Background Border Color
Details: Choose a color for the border if any
The rest is default.

The third is X-3:

Type: Multiple-Selection Checkbox
Name: Signature Background Link ?
Details: If you used a link to an image check yes here.
Options: Yes
The rest is default. This field tells it if it's a link or not and switches the codes accordingly.

Now for the templates open postbit/postbit_legacy and find:

<!-- sig -->

Then replace from <!-- sig --> to <--/ sig --> with:

<!-- Signature Background -->

<if condition="$post['fieldX-1']">
<div style="<if condition="$post['fieldX-2']">border:$post[fieldX-2] 1px solid;</if> background:<if condition="$post['fieldX-3']">url($post[fieldX-1]);<else />$post[fieldX-1]; </if> align:center"><br /> <br />
<else />

<div>________________<br />

<!-- / Signature Background -->

Replace the X's with your fields and that's it.

I am just learning all of this stuff so if i did something wrong in my coding please for give me. But this works great on my board.

23 Oct 2009, 08:29
Nice one

Log on
24 Oct 2009, 09:27

24 Oct 2009, 09:40
thank you for this iwill try later

24 Oct 2009, 23:47
very good

29 Oct 2009, 00:40
Ok, got the fields made but I'm obviously doing something wrong here.

Instruction says:

Replace the X's with your fields and that's it.

Do I replace just the X or the X-* within the ( )?

Like this

Or this:

Any help would be appreciated.


29 Oct 2009, 02:01
Or this:

That is the setting and I've gotten it to work. I'd show a pic but it's not fit for an open forum...

Thanks for the mod

01 Nov 2009, 20:41
the only thing is that when the board isn't fixed, the images tile horizontally

02 Nov 2009, 03:51
the only thing is that when the board isn't fixed, the images tile horizontally

It's not the forum width that makes it tile, it's your screen resolution. What look right to you may or may not look right to others with a different resolution.

You'll need to enlarge your picture in Paint or Photoshop to fit your space. Even then it might not look right to other. Only took me 5 or 6 adjustments to get mine right.