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20 Nov 2009, 03:17
How do I change the Favicon? I replaced it on my server with what I want, but I am guessing I need to register it? Don't have any idea how to do this, so any explanations (simpler the better) are greatly appreciated.

Brandon Sheley
20 Nov 2009, 03:41
just place your new favircon.ico in the forum root or site root and you should be good to go
refresh your browser

20 Nov 2009, 04:04
That worked....though, I can't say I understand why, I had it in the root, and I refreshed forever....then I came back a while later and it was up...gremlins!!! Thanks.

Mandar Salvi
21 Nov 2009, 05:49
lol :) Sorry couldn't control my emotions. BTW why they are giving same old favicon for new vB 4? Hmm...

06 Mar 2010, 10:36
I'm having the same problem. My favicon.ico file have been uploaded to the root several times, browser refreshed lots of times, but no change from the vbulletin one. How do delete the old one?


06 Mar 2010, 12:12
it's simple...normally...locate your favicon.ico images normally it's on (images folder) and delete and refresh your webiste page...or sometimes you have to delete your browser cache/cookies and notice that you dont have favicon anymore...then upload your new favicon.ico images to the same folder... refresh again your website page and feel the heat of your new favicon.ico images...

best regards to all