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15 Jul 2001, 12:57
When a user replies to a post, the post is brought to the top

can i make it so it doesn't do this and they are displayed in the order of Posting date to ALL users by default?

17 Jul 2001, 20:32
This would require a semi-large hack. If im board later, i will make it. Its pretty much just like the date posted hack, but would require a little editing.

18 Jul 2001, 05:18
Actually, this would be fairly easy, do a search for my date posted hack, and install that..thats your first problem done...then, simply add in forumdisplay.php

but the only problem is, the first post in the forum is the one that stays there as the first till its deleted :(

18 Jul 2001, 05:22
Ok, gunna check it out right now.

18 Jul 2001, 05:24
No Problem :) I like when i help out people..it give me sort of a special hi *cough* post count* that nothing else can legitamitly give :)

18 Jul 2001, 05:26
I cant find your date posted hack ?

18 Jul 2001, 05:40
i think ive found it
Thread: Sorting threads
Make a copy of newthread.php and forumdisplay.php now!!!

Then open newthread.php On line 209 replace