View Full Version : Need to know how to add a line

22 Nov 2009, 14:41
In VB4 there is no line to separate the Title from the post. What and where and how do I get this?

23 Nov 2009, 17:29
You could hardcode it into the template I would think.

23 Nov 2009, 17:31
Yes I had some help over at .com and they told me where and the css to use. It has been reported as a bug as I love the horizontal look.

23 Nov 2009, 17:50
oh do tell/share! I was trying to figure it out as well.

23 Nov 2009, 17:52
This will take care of both the postbit types: normal(?) as well as legacy:

.postbit .posttitle, .postbitlegacy .title
border-bottom: 1px solid #C8C8C8;
padding-bottom: 5px;
margin-bottom: 5px;

You can put it at the end of postbit.css
(or in a separate custom CSS file, if you use one)

23 Nov 2009, 18:08
Awesome! Thanks bunches!