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23 Nov 2009, 04:16
I was wondering if anyone out there had plans of creating an invite system... I know people have things in the pipe work and I was going to look into coding one myself with my limited knowledge but thought if someone of the more experienced coders had plans I will just wait for that and provide a donation if it gets done.

Just something where people can type in an email address and it sneds out an email telling the recipient to come check out the site etc.

Like I said I was going to code it however if someone who is better at coding I will just hold out and instead provide a donation for their troubles as I do know that it takes alot to code.

I am not asking how long, or demanding it be released now I just want to know whether to spend the time coding it with my limited knowledge or whether to sit back and just support the person who is going to do it.

23 Nov 2009, 20:21
Well there is one for 3.7 which also works with 3.8.x, as my forum is invite only this is a real concern for me at present, I have asked for this to be core for vb4.x as I think it will bring value to a forum, its like a website having a tell a friend feature.


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