View Full Version : Admincp Style VBH Black & Oranged

25 Nov 2009, 06:14
This is my first submission to vbulletin.org...

VBH Black & Oranged
Simple combination of black and orange

To install follow these steps ..

1) Upload the folder "vBulletin_3_vbh through FTP to /cpstyles
2) Before you start a session in the admincp select the style "vBulletin_3_vbh"
3) Enjoy the new look of your control panel


28 Nov 2009, 04:56
I think it is in the wrong section but I like the looks of it. Will download and give it a try. Keep up the good works.

Paul M
29 Nov 2009, 21:48
Moved to 3.8 ACP styles forum. :)

23 Dec 2010, 19:28
The best looking one i have seen yet thank You....