View Full Version : Has anyone succeded using video in VB4?

25 Nov 2009, 15:34
Has anyone figured out how to add video like Flowplayer (not google, youtube, vimeo...) that you can host your own videos? I need one that is not restricted to non profit and that can handle 1 hour videos but haven't been able to get ANY players working.


30 Nov 2009, 14:37
Nope guess not. Bummer too, was hoping to add this to my site during Thanksgiving break.

30 Nov 2009, 18:27
video is also very dependant on your host as well. you may look to he mod VB_YouTube and see if they plan on updating.

01 Dec 2009, 01:07
Can't use youtube :( video's are longer than 10 minutes and are possibly for commercial purposes at some point. Need to be able to host them myself and stream them.


01 Dec 2009, 01:44
Proably once vb4 goes to RC status thre will be a mod to support more. I don't use many videos that aren't youtube mostly. You have a site in mind to really try?

01 Dec 2009, 15:36
Yes, http://www.coursesaver.com. We have almost a hundred hours of video that helps pre med students get into medical school, but I have no good way to stream them so they have to download codecs, and the entire file to play.

18 Aug 2010, 18:12