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28 Nov 2009, 05:16
i have made my own tempory thanks button but it runs semi seperate to vb4 how can i call it to show amount in post legacy like post account ? do i need to add a vb:phrase the reason i ask is not sure how to call amount from database to display it

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i can call amount but not sure how to display the amount in posbit legacy under posts if anyone has an idea it would be great

30 Nov 2009, 06:16
You've provided no information on how you've created this button, how it's setup, etc.

Assuming you have `post_thanks` and `post_thanked` under the `user` table, you could just do:
Thanks Given: {vb:raw post.post_thanks}<br />
Thanked Posts: {vb:raw post.post_thanked}

01 Dec 2009, 18:58
The reason i didnt give to much info is i have created my own php code and a simple thanks hack to tide over for a little while as im hoping ades will be back the best thank mod for any platform im still learning the coding and .php and i belive my issue is with registering the template first