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01 Dec 2009, 01:53
It is with great honor that I announce the first ever release of the vBFans.com CleanCut Style (http://vbfans.com/showthread.php?t=56006), optimized for vBulletin Version 4.0 Beta 4.
We have tested this style on our dev forum and everything seems to be working fine [Tested both on IE, Safari & FireFox]. If you find any bugs, or notice something funny, please report them here (http://vbfans.com/showthread.php?t=56006). This is also our first build of the vBulletin version 4 skin and hopefully you like it.

This Skin is also made compatible with the vBulletin CMS and Blogs. (Thanks Pitchoune for doing the test run)

Installation instructions:

Download vBFans.com-CleanCut.zip
Unzip vBFans.com-CleanCut.zip
Login to AdminCP > Styles & Templates > Download/Upload Styles > Import Style XML File > Import vBFans.com-CleanCut.xml
Once the styles are imported, go to the languages & phrases > upload/download > go to the import box, and select the english

language, select to merge it, and import the vbfans_cleancut_phrase.xml file. This will add the custom phrases to your language.
One final step, do remember to upload the twitter.png to your images dir

vBFans.com Staff and Members

NB: Support only in the vBFans thread

01 Dec 2009, 01:55
Reserved for Updates...

Only place to get support for this style is at vBFans.com!

Official thread: http://vbfans.com/showthread.php?t=56006


Updated: 7th December 2009
Uses the latest templates from vBulletin version 4.0 Beta 5
A few design issues are fixed (CMS/Blog)
The design of the postbit_legacy templates updated a bit (Applied some CSS)
Uses the latest 4.0 Beta 5 templates for optimal performance
Design of the footer templates updated a bit
Design bug fixes from the previous release
Implemented and revamped reputation system (Karma)
Added Retweet button to the postbit
Added "Share It" linking with Facebook/Twitter link
Added Custom Phrases so the style can be translated independently from the language and/or other styles
And more ...

01 Dec 2009, 08:25
Sexy as hell and I'm not afraid to say it.


02 Dec 2009, 03:27
Wow very nice. Installed

Brandon Sheley
02 Dec 2009, 05:45
Good looking style :)
wish we had a live demo or did I miss it

02 Dec 2009, 19:06
There is no live demo as yet, if anyone has installed it, post your link, we'd be glad to put the link as a live demo in the first post :)

02 Dec 2009, 22:45
nice style


02 Dec 2009, 23:55
thanks nice. Installed

03 Dec 2009, 08:52
Good style but it is not working with RTL languages.

03 Dec 2009, 13:02
like it

05 Dec 2009, 17:11
Nice colors but isnt this just that, color changes?

08 Dec 2009, 01:06
It has postbit changes, twitter and facebook share it links, so no, not any more :)

08 Dec 2009, 01:10
Mikey1991 Im not talking about funtionality, Im talking about style. Every style looks exactly the same so far. Early days I know

Mr. Brian
08 Dec 2009, 02:45
I don't get what you mean by " Every style looks exactly the same so far. Early days I know"

We are talking about vB4, it's still in beta stage, most of the templates are hardcoded and what's more? Most importantly, this is a FREE release. What more do you expect from the release?

I believe that this is the only style released with Custom Phrases included.

08 Dec 2009, 10:26
There are issue with the new version, in the usercp the left hand menus dont have any boxes around them and the user profile in threads has a random box underneath it :s

09 Dec 2009, 16:35
Can you post screenshots of what you mean please?

12 Dec 2009, 12:24
Can you post screenshots of what you mean please?

Can we have an update to support RC2 please

12 Dec 2009, 21:52
Can we have an update to support RC2 please


14 Dec 2009, 13:37
installed, but how do you activate it on the CMS?

14 Dec 2009, 20:56
Thanks. Installed

15 Dec 2009, 23:52
Would like support for RC2 as well as CMS. Thanks!

18 Dec 2009, 12:02
Has this been updated to RC4 yet ? i am still stuck on Beta 5 until its updated

30 Dec 2009, 18:59
I have been watching this thread and the one at vbfans for news about it going GOLD...will it ever?

06 Jan 2010, 17:40
Interested in a Gold release for this. Is it coming or not?

06 Jan 2010, 18:43
I don't think that he is going to update it. He wont address it at all, not here or on his site. Too bad, it's a nice clean theme

06 Jan 2010, 19:12
I don't think that he is going to update it. He wont address it at all, not here or on his site. Too bad, it's a nice clean theme

Darn it im so gutted i even paid for membership to hopefully get a GOLD release :-(

I really was relying on that theme big time too :down:

07 Jan 2010, 20:50
have you released the one you are using at vbfans right now?

29 May 2010, 23:05
The style released here is not in use on vbfans.com right now.
The style on vbfans.com is unique and not for download or sale (at this point).

29 May 2010, 23:06
Darn it im so gutted i even paid for membership to hopefully get a GOLD release :-(

I really was relying on that theme big time too :down:

Let me know the paid subscription you used, and your username on vbfans.com, and I can refund you the premium membership, if I can confirm the payment.

29 May 2010, 23:09
Interested in a Gold release for this. Is it coming or not?

It's on our roadmap, but with the 'constant' changing of vBulletin version 4's styling engine it's a bit of a BLAH to keep up.

We've got it on our roadmap on the wetalk.network (wtn) of which vbfans.com is a site of, to release it as official product. This means we're aiming for either a 4.0.4 updated 'gold' release of this style for version 4 of vBulletin, or 4.1, depending on when we have the time, and what IB is doing with their releases of vB.

Apologies for the delay, and great feedback - glad to hear it's a style you guys like.

Mikey and Brian wanted to give version 4 a try and wanted to help release a theme as a demo or what can be done with the style system during the beta.

We're still motivated to continue this theme, and have a more recent version that might be more ready for future vB releases (pending they don't overhaul the style system ~again).

I haven't had a business talk with Brian and Mikey yet, but I have made the appropriate steps to move forward. But at this point I can't promise an ETA for the " WTN CleanCut Style " for version 4, by vbfans.com.

30 May 2010, 17:07
I finally had time to have an internal discussion with Brian, Mikey and other admins on the WTN boards.

Hello everybody :)

We're proud to announce that the vbfans.com site since merger has been part of the wetalk.network here, and that we're now considering this theme for vBulletin 4 an official wetalk.network (wtn) product.

This means we can now invest time and resources into getting an update for this style, as desired by the community.

The vbfans.com cleancut v4 style will be renamed to:

WTN CleanCut. A style for vBulletin 4, by vbfans.com

We have access to 4.0.3 Patch Level 1 of vBulletin, the FORUM CLASSIC package.

We've started a beta site where we will develop our styles, currently this is behind htaccess and limited to our wtn.team and select few beta testers.

styles.allbeta.com runs 4.0.3 pl1 now, and we're progressing with installing the cleancut style as we have it, converting and developing it for version 4.0.3 pl1 forum package, of vBulletin.

If anybody is interested in having beta access on June 7th, please let us know in this thread:


Where we will provide the latest build and support for this WTN.CleanCut style.

We will pick a few people and contact them with the login details.

We hope to make progress during June and provide a beta .zip file on the vbfans.com site, and later a gold release on vbulletin.org

28 Jun 2010, 15:51
kwn.me/cleancut - http://styles.vbsetup.com/forum.php?styleid=2 = Demo for 4.0.3 PL1
kwn.me/ccdl - *** Offsite download link removed *** = Download for 4.0.3 PL1

once we have some beta testers providing feedback, we will rebuild it for 4.0.4 PL1 or 4.0.5 and release it on our sites, including vBulletin.org

Looking forward hearing from you guys!

28 Jun 2010, 22:12
few problems with your work :( nice theme otherwise

29 Jun 2010, 02:21
few problems with your work :( nice theme otherwise

A more productive post would help, what vb are you running, which .zip did you download specifically, and what problems are you having?

Paul M
30 Jun 2010, 20:28
Thread cleaned up. If you have a support question feel free to post, otherwise dont bother posting off topic nonsense, othewise warnings may follow.