View Full Version : Custom template hook question

02 Dec 2009, 03:15
I want to add a custom template hook at the very end of the footer template when installing a product.

The last line is there is </div> so preg_replace wouldn't work. Which is why I decided to add a custom template hook.
I am surprised there is no template hook called template_hook.footer_end.

Would any one be willing to tell me how to do so?

Thanks in advance.

02 Dec 2009, 03:31
Just enter this line where you want the template_hook:
{vb:raw template_hook.footer_end}

02 Dec 2009, 04:05
I was just thinking about this earlier an wondered if that was possible. TY Lynne.

02 Dec 2009, 04:49
I knew that much Lynne. ;)

What I want to do is have it inserted automatically when you install the product.