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03 Dec 2009, 18:10
I would like to release two weather scripts I have modified to use CMS Widget PHP.
(I'll wait until VB releases the official PHP Widget, however).

My mods would display icons and temp for the next 9 days and current weather warnings as well.

I would like to make this simple, so is there a template I can use to build a profile field addon for users to insert their locality code and include that as a "plugin".

Or would it be easier to just tell everyone - make an add-on profile field?

03 Dec 2009, 18:18
You would use sql and the box for install code.

Look at the sql for your other profile fields for a good example.

No need to fill in profilefieldid, it is set to auto-increment by the database.

03 Dec 2009, 19:19
instead of the profilefield, you could add a column to the user table.

It's easier;)