View Full Version : Uploading Smilies & Avatars

06 Dec 2009, 14:19
I have a file on my computer right now with smilies and custom avatars. Is there a way to upload them to the forum just in case anything happens to my computer or the file gets moved??

06 Dec 2009, 16:06
You can ftp them to your server. If you just want to store them there, then I would create a folder for them at the same level as public_html so they are not accessible to the public.

07 Dec 2009, 02:39
I am new to all of this so creating folder is fine but not sure about public_html. Anyways to explain it a bit better for me to understand??

07 Dec 2009, 04:58
When you ftp to your site, is there a folder called public_html? I don't know what your site structure is like or what you see when you ftp to your site, so I'm not sure how to explain it.