View Full Version : Forum Sponsorships in vB 4.0 ??

06 Dec 2009, 18:24
In my current vB 3.8.4 board, I use vB.Sponsors (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=183335), however, it appears that the developer (Deviation) of that mod looks to have abandoned vB mod devlepment, for whatever reason (really no matter, it's his choice).

Is there any other way or modification out there, or even in thought for vB 4.0 to provide this same level of forum sponsorship?

How are other board admins handling this where they have sponsors for specific forums?

This is a critical modification for my board, that I cannot work without. This and banner rotation capability (at each page refresh) for top and bottom is crucial to me.

This all has me a bit concerned about the vB 4.0 path when it goes gold, and will hold me back for sometime (indefinitely) until I can find a solution.

I know it is early still, but I was looking to gather thoughts from other board admins.

06 Dec 2009, 18:32
My suggestion would be to wait and see if he releases a copy for 4.0

If when vb4.0 goes gold he does not release a updated copy you can post in the modifications request forum to request someone makes something like this.