View Full Version : Mouseover on showthread (CSS)?

07 Dec 2009, 00:04
When i mouseover on the showthread page i completely changes the css colors of the page. Ive been over all the available documentation on vB.com and searched posts here also. this is one of just a few problems im still having on a custom style. im sure its something simple im just overlooking (again) ;) But it seems like the more i try to find something i wind up messing something else up. so o figured id head back over hear to see what all you aspiring designers have figured out with this.



Sorrry to be asking so many questions but vB4 has me all kinds of confused. lol when we figure this one out i have more. :D

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Well I still haven't figured it out but i did find that this only happens (on my forum) when using the horizontal postbit. It doesn't seem to happen in legacy postbit.