View Full Version : Will the old 3.8 adminCP styles work on 4.0

07 Dec 2009, 15:45
Will the old 3.8 adminCP styles work on 4.0.

The reason I ask is there isn't any dark adminCP styles for 4.0? I was going to try it but I didn't want it to break the adminCP and I couldn't get it back to a working cp to change the style back.

So has any one else tried?

07 Dec 2009, 16:00
Try a compare of one of the new ones to an old one and see what the differences are? I really have no idea. (Except I do know there are some new options and they may not show up in the old styles depending on how they are coded.)

07 Dec 2009, 16:25
Ok thanks Lynne I guess I will wait or there is always design my own. LOL

I think I will wait. ;)