View Full Version : [Solved] Forum Display Alternatnig colors?

07 Dec 2009, 18:24
Last question i need answered b4 i can release this stlye. what variables control the 1st and 2nd alternating colors in forum display? SS attached for reference.


07 Dec 2009, 19:06
class="replies alt" for Replies and class="threadlastpost td alt" for the Last Post By are the actual classes for those areas. However, looking at the stylesheet, they are controlled 'above' that with this statement:
.threadbit .alt {
background:#F2F6F8 url(images/gradients/grey-up.png) repeat-x scroll left bottom;
}Get firebug for firefox to figure this all out more easily.

07 Dec 2009, 19:29
Thanks Lynne, I do use Firebug, but im still learning how to use it. I figure out a little bit more each and every time but im afraid i have a long way to go before i actually figure it out. ;)

07 Dec 2009, 19:56
Inspect Element - That is the most helpful part of firebug!

07 Dec 2009, 20:46
I found it hard coded in the threadlist.css.