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08 Dec 2009, 00:40

I'm in process of finishing a mod (hopefully) and for all the ajax functions within the mod I've decided to use jquery library as I'm more familiar with it's syntax than Yahoo UI library

As far as I can see there are no conflicts between two, however I was wondering if I can exclude YUI libraries on my mods

The only vbulletin built-in javascript code I use is WYSIWYG editor (which probably uses a separate vbulletin-editor.js file), I can't think of anything else that I use

By default, when {vb:raw headinclude} is executed in the templates, it includes vbulletin-core.js along with yui-connector and yui-min I think, would it be OK to remove them? and actually is there anyway to do that?

08 Dec 2009, 04:20
I think.. vbulletin-core.js needs the yui lib.. and also the init in footer is bound to check for it...
(not sure.. but check it out.. do a fetch_object(some id) in your code.. (that uses the main vbulletin js..)
if that works after removing the yui then you can do it.
PS i wouldnt.. check out the yahoo dev pages.. there is a simple beginner tutorial for the ajax stuff. IMHO its easier to read through 3 pages, that to mess around with the vbulletin core stuff..)

09 Dec 2009, 00:06
No, you can't remove them.
vBulletin is using the yui library on many parts!

I'm using both of them and having no problems