View Full Version : Custom Misc Pages (using Post variables) Logging Out

08 Dec 2009, 21:28
Hey guys,

I have three misc pages in which my members can post various youtube links and upload images regarding video games. However in IE, if you get to that page and try to refresh it shows me as being logged out, but if I hit the forums tab, I am logged back in.

Any question as to what I could be doing wrong.

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Additionally, I am not using sessionhash on these pages, should I be?

08 Dec 2009, 21:39
Did you build the custom pages using the basic article here - [How-To] vBulletin API Basics: Creating Custom Pages & Misc. (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=98009) And are they in the same folder as the rest of your vb files?

08 Dec 2009, 21:47
Yes, could the reason be that I am not including the session, and is the session code the same on VB4?

These pages were built in the same folder as my VB files. So should just adding the
To my links correct my logging out issue?

08 Dec 2009, 22:39
I don't think so as I have a few custom pages on my site and when I have users follow the links to them, I don't have the session var passed and we stay logged in.

Are users able to be on your site at both www.yoursite.com and just yoursite.com? Could that be an issue here?

09 Dec 2009, 04:40
They actually are logged in on those pages, however when they hit F5, or refresh, it then goes in like they are logged out, but if they hit back to the Forums tab, shows them as logged in. I am fairly certain this is a IE8 issue, as it doesnt actually happen on Firefox.