View Full Version : One members table shared across muliple sites.

10 Dec 2009, 14:07
I'd like to have one members table shared across multiple sites.

What I am going to have:
2x Domains (senior.org, cadet.org) [They are examples]
2x vB 4.0 Suite Licenses.
1x Server with Apache / PHP / MySQL for both domains (Thus can share MySQL database).

This the two licenses I'd like to use the member database from the senior website and ignore the cadet website's member database / delete it. When some one signs up for the senior website, or cadet website that persons credentials should be placed within the senior corps member database. Posts from both websites will count towards the members total post count. So if they have 40 posts on the senior site, and 20 posts on the cadet website then they have 60 posts total and should be displayed as such. If the user resets their password on the cadet website then it is reset for the senior site also (as the member table is shared).

So, is this possible without modification of the code within 4.0, something like setting up a remote MySQL server, but it's really just on the same box ...

It should also be noted, that each website will have it's own set of forums. The senior site would have a general discussion, and so would the cadet's website but post from the senior site would not show up on the cadet website and visa versa. I still want the sites to be independent of content, but I want them to share the member table.

10 Dec 2009, 20:37
There is talk about this on VB.com.

11 Dec 2009, 09:38
Thanks for the heads up mate, much appreciated.

Also should be noted that something like that can also be done with this addon vB 3.8 - 4.0 vB Facades: Different, multiple forums running off 1 vB installation (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=229858) however, it does not offer all of the things that I've asked for / needed. So I will continue to watch and hope, and post here with any updates.