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11 Dec 2009, 04:25
The voting poll will run until the 31st of January. Afterwards we will return to a Monthy schedule.

The following boards were directly nominated for this month's voting:

1.) www.vbulletinsetup.com/ (http://www.vbulletinsetup.com/) (7 Seconds)
2.) www.paylas-tr.net (http://www.paylas-tr.net) (5 Seconds)
3.) www.ehmac.ca (http://www.ehmac.ca) (2 Seconds)
4.) www.100fm6.com/vb/ (http://www.100fm6.com/vb/) (2 Seconds)

The following boards were all tied with 1 seconds and were numbered accordingly:

1.) www.stloulife.com/forum (http://www.stloulife.com/forum)
2.) www.w7forums.com (http://www.w7forums.com)
3.) www.vbhelp.pl (http://www.vbhelp.pl)

The numbers were placed randomly via www.random.org/sequences/ (http://www.random.org/sequences/) and these were the results:

Here is your sequence:

1Timestamp: 2009-12-11 04:18:45 UTC
Which means

2.) www.w7forums.com (http://www.w7forums.com)

will be placed in this month's voting poll.

12 Jan 2010, 09:02
Unfortunatly we had to remove 1 board from this poll for reasons not disclosed.
The board removed was in the 2th place at time of removal.

02 Feb 2010, 12:49
Congratulations to http://forum.vbulletinsetup.com/ (http://forum.vbulletinsetup.com/) for winning the December / January BotM Contest!