View Full Version : Different stylevar's for editing an article, and editing a section?

13 Dec 2009, 03:59
My style, I made a booboo somewhere. I've got the background and the text the same color somehow when I click the pencil to edit a SECTION. But, everything is perfectly fine when I go to edit an article? I figured it'd be the same settings? I've re-freshed my browser several times, cleared the CMS cache...still the exact same thing. I've went back through the CMS stylevars a few times and I can't nail down what I did wrong?

Can't understand how it displays right when I edit the article but not when I edit the section...

I've just tested this in Chrome, and the same thing is happening, so there is definitely a stylevar I've gotten out of whack somewhere. Someone help me out please :)

13 Dec 2009, 04:06
The best way to troubleshoot css is to get a tool like firebug which is an addon for firefox. It allows you to Inspect an Element and see where the css for the element is defined.

13 Dec 2009, 04:11
Thank you Lynne. I've installed it earlier actually. I'm trying to figure out exactly how to use it, when I'm mousing over the areas, I'm getting some stuff but it doesn't correspond with any of the stylevars. I've not edited any of the .css directly, so I'm not real sure how to determine what is what exactly :/

13 Dec 2009, 04:40
When you get the class name, then you want to Search in Templates for it and you will see the stylevars called in there.