View Full Version : assigning variable values inside the template

14 Dec 2009, 10:02

sometimes in the template [ not in php controler's code ] it's useful to create new variable and assign it's value depending on some condition. eg color of line can depend on this or or that... and it's much cleaner to decide about it in the template itself.

can something similar to smarty's:

{if $a==$b}
{assign var='style' value='s0'}
{assign var='style' value='s1'}
<div style="{$style}">..</div>
<div style="{$style}">..</div>

be done with vB4 templates?


14 Dec 2009, 15:01
All php would be done in the plugin and the result would be spit out in the template.

There is an article in the Tips & Tricks area about doing simple math in a template, but I think that's about as much computing as you will be doing in the template.