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14 Dec 2009, 22:05
As the title say I want to allow a user to upload to a folder just for him. He does reviews on PC hardware so I will make a folder just for him but I want to restrict him from the rest at the same time in case an accident happens. Is this possible? How would I go about doing this?

14 Dec 2009, 23:20
I would personally make a secure upload script for him to use behind htaccess pass dir.

This way he only has access to upload.

14 Dec 2009, 23:35
Didn't know about the htaccess ordeal but in my cpanel it appears I can create a ftp account and also restrict it to one folder if I wish? as I have this .... Would it restrict to the predifined folder and not the whole FTP? This is new to me so please be gentle if I don't word right it's cause I don't know the lingo.

14 Dec 2009, 23:37
I am sure it will if that is what it says.

14 Dec 2009, 23:47
So I just add a folder in the html directory then set up the user account then they will have access to that folder and any sub folders in that folder only right?

14 Dec 2009, 23:51
I am not sure I don't use cPanel. It may make the dir for it when you enter the name in that box.

14 Dec 2009, 23:53
I will look into this tomorrow and try it out and see as I can make a new account just for me as a test then redo it for the user I want to have access to one folder and any sub folders for that folder. Thanks.

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So other that use CPanel yes it make use of that directory plus any folder made under the initial setting up so the root directory seems protected to not have access. Will test more tomorrow.

James Birkett
17 Dec 2009, 15:05
If you create a folder named "test" inside public_html he would be allowed access to "test" and any sub-folders inside "test".

Of course if you're allowing him to upload PHP and such, you are asking for trouble :rolleyes: