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15 Dec 2009, 07:05
This is a green style for your forums, blog, and CMS. The Sign-in/notification area has been optimized in this style for a cleaner look. There are two files to be downloaded by you. Remember to click install if you use it and please rate it, thanks!

1. Download the style XML and folder named "Mean_Green".
2. Upload the folder named "Mean_Green" to your forum images directory.
3. Upload the style XML in your ACP VIA the Styles & Templates>Download/Upload styles.
4. Enjoy your new style!

Please do not remove the copyright image unless you have asked me at least, thanks.

Screen shot included below.

15 Dec 2009, 07:15
[Reserved] For updates and such.

EDIT: Made two styles. One style marked "Mean_Green_style" is the one with optimized notification area. The one named "Mean_Green_reg_style" is for forums with more than the regular amount tabs in the navbar.

Will update soon for RC4, thanks!

15 Dec 2009, 15:27
Thanks very much .

15 Dec 2009, 15:52
Your welcome.

15 Dec 2009, 16:40
The Header seems a bit messed up when you view it at 1024 x 768 pix .

The User name is over the menu .

15 Dec 2009, 16:58
Oh, I'll take a look at it and remedy it. Thanks for pointing that out.

EDIT - I updated the style XML, should take care of that problem.

15 Dec 2009, 19:54
Oh, I'll take a look at it and remedy it. Thanks for pointing that out.

EDIT - I updated the style XML, should take care of that problem.

Still the same for me .

15 Dec 2009, 22:52
Oh, I'll take a look at it and remedy it. Thanks for pointing that out.

EDIT - I updated the style XML, should take care of that problem.

That worked for me but I have one more smallish issue...
www.shottalk.com the text in 'recent threads' is white. Can't see it if you don't know it's there.

16 Dec 2009, 00:11
Working on both issues right now, should be done soon.

16 Dec 2009, 02:23
Gonna try this on RC4 - see if it works well. :)
Edit: Works nicely. :) Thanks

16 Dec 2009, 07:21
bart6767 - Download the style "Mean_Green_reg_style" and that will fix your problem.

Slingblade61 - Re-download the style and your issue will go away, ;).

icarusforde - Thank you!

16 Dec 2009, 11:59
I'm confused.

Should we use the Mean Green Style xml file or the Mean Green Reg Style xml?

16 Dec 2009, 12:06
mean_green_style. Sorry about the confusion.

16 Dec 2009, 12:08
The text on the forums blocks is difficult to see.

16 Dec 2009, 12:45
Working on that right now.

16 Dec 2009, 12:49
Installed, nice style. Thanks!

16 Dec 2009, 13:20
snerd - Your welcome!

Okay, both style XML's have been re-done to fix these issues. Please re-download them and re-install, thanks!

16 Dec 2009, 14:24
Thanks thats it fixed .

16 Dec 2009, 14:34
Your welcome, glad I could help. :)

Green Cat
17 Dec 2009, 19:04
The best vB 4 skin so far, good job ;).

17 Dec 2009, 20:23
Wow, thanks!

22 Dec 2009, 13:00
Please make a gold version! Looks great

22 Dec 2009, 23:48
Any chance I could get a code snippet to put my user info/pm notifier back on top of the header?

27 Dec 2009, 01:30
Good stuff man,thanks! Rebuilt a 4.0 of one of my 8x themes based on it (credit given)

29 Dec 2009, 02:52
Thanks for the great look. My web guy seems to have missed a couple things like post icons and the color inside the forums are still mostly blue.

Could you check it out at http://www.johngrahamgolf.com/forum/index.php

and let me know what i should tell him.

ps. when I receive a private message the notifications switches from green to blue and most things in private message sidebar are blue.

29 Dec 2009, 13:27
Nice theme! Perfect for my forum. Is it 4.0 gold supported?

06 Jan 2010, 17:43
Very nice. Also interested in installing this if it's gold. Any word from the developer?

10 Jan 2010, 14:32
I cant get it to show up on my forum, i'm downloading it just let it's telling me, only thing that shows up is your logo on the very bottom of the board....otherwise it looks like4.0 default

22 Jan 2010, 16:44
Just recently the top main has changed: Any ideas?

13 Feb 2010, 17:37
Is there a way to make the title and tags go across the whole top section right now it seems they stop after 1/3 of the way across when viewing a post and drop to the next line.

30 Mar 2010, 09:53
After I uploaded it, it became this - http://intdex.com/forums/index.php

But weird that other pages are working fine....... can the creator please help?

09 Sep 2010, 16:51
Yes, I will help. I have been away for far to long due to being extremely busy. I'm updating both of my styles to work with 4.0.6. Thanks!

26 Nov 2010, 07:54
Any chance of doing this for vb 4.07 please?