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17 Dec 2009, 00:29
My live forum is now quite old and tired (v3.6.x)

Everything I changed on it was done by installing other people's mods/styles.

I've upgraded my test forum to vB4 RC4 and have managed to get it looking the way I want.

However, there is one 'tiny' mod that my users consider essential, and here on vB.org this mod hasn't been changed from 3.5. Rather than ask, or even wait for the author to port the mod (which is very unlikely to happen) I have actually managed to change the code and get it working on vB4.

I'm not a coder and I'm really pleased with myself that I've succeeded, however I'm not done with it.

The original mod installs a product, then makes a change to the postbit template. As we now start going through the final RC stages and then into Gold, each update runs the risk of having to revert the template I've changed. I'll have to manually edit it each time.

I know it's posible to get the product to make the template changes for me, so my question is, do you know of any resources, links, threads or anything that I could study to learn how to complete this product? So that for future upgrades, I only ever need to install the product.

Thanks in advance

sorry if it's a proper noob question, but I would rather learn that have somebody do it for me.


17 Dec 2009, 00:32
Look in the articles forum. There are a couple of articles on how to make automatic template modifications with a plugin.

17 Dec 2009, 01:06
Thank you,

I've searched in the vB4 articles, but nothing looked like it was relevant.
I'll hunt through the vB3 articles and see where it takes me.


17 Dec 2009, 02:59
if you explain a little more I may be able to come up with something for you to work off of. What are you trying to add?
Where in the postbit?
Which postbit? postbit or postbit_legacy
Is that all it does is display text?

18 Dec 2009, 17:02
Sure, anything that help would be really appreciated.

I've put it in the postbit template, but only because I don't use postbit_legacy, there's no reason why it couldn't go in both.

The original mod is here (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=103046). I've pm'd the author about modifying his code (no response)

The mod simply displays reputation comments in the post it relates to. ie. Under the post a box titled 'comments on this post' contains 'userid agrees : xxxxx'

The original (3.5) mod, simply states install this product and edit the posbit, look for some text - insert this text.

Reading the articles here, I've worked out how to get the template into the product, I'm trying to find out how to make the template appear in the postbit without having to edit the template.

Thanks for offering to help.