View Full Version : VB3.X Design Compared to VB4.x

18 Dec 2009, 02:12
Just wondering those of you who have designed templates and styles for vb3 and vb4, what are some of the main differences you found between the two? Is vb4 style design more user friendly? less?

18 Dec 2009, 06:05
I think vb4 style designing is so much easier than vb3. I was used to vb3 though so it took me a while to get used to using stylevars but I've found it to be much more convenient. The number of template edits I do now are minimal.

18 Dec 2009, 15:06
I prefer vb4 styling mainly due to the way they have standardized the variables etc.

However I don't like having to register all the variables I want to use. And certainly having to register a custom template that you wish to use in another template i.e. header for example seems like overkill to me. IMO the custom styles should be auto registered.

18 Dec 2009, 15:32
I couldn't style in v3 but v4 is way easy once you learn your way around the stylvars.

20 Dec 2009, 05:09
its taking a bit of getting used to, but i am liking it better every day.

20 Dec 2009, 10:14
Customizing basic designs with vB4 can be easily done with stylevars. Everything is broken down to small elements so user have complete control but process is lengthier.

Advanced customizing vB4 is a complex process simply because rewriting structures and customizing various stylesheets and stylevars can be overwhelming.