View Full Version : navbar tab selected border colour?

18 Dec 2009, 04:18
Are you able to change that? I can't find it? Am using RC2. Because if the selected tab is a different colour to both the navbar and tab area.. then the selected tab shows up with a border running along the base of the selected tab which stands out and looks ugleh :)

Any help is appreciated. :)

20 Dec 2009, 11:53

Trying to remove the pink line here under the selected tab --> http://www.hugmymind.com.au/forum.php

21 Dec 2009, 16:33
navbar_tab_border should change that different color pink outline

22 Dec 2009, 04:05
Vbulletin gold either has fixed this or you haven't found it yet. Just used it.

22 Dec 2009, 04:09
Thanks rudedog1968 - unfortunately the navbar_tab_border stylevar controls the border colour around each navbar item (non-selected, search area, etc). I am happy with the colour thats there, however im trying to work out where to change the border colour for the 'selected' tab in the navbar.

daveaite - I'll get a chance to install and review VB gold in a few hours - hopefully it doesnt require too much hunting :)