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19 Dec 2009, 15:34

Can anyone tell me how to encase the entire forum in a Div tag? No matter where I put it, in the header, in forum home, in forum display, even in footer, I can not get below the body element. I have seen it done with vb4.0 but I can't find what template to put it in to do it. I am trying to get down to the entire page background level and encase the background in a div tag, so I can layer other backgrounds on top of it with div tags. But no matter what I do "if it shows up" it ends up in the body and goes inside the forum blocks.

help? and thanks.

19 Dec 2009, 15:40
at the start of header and at the end of footer. Worked fine for me. You'd have to set the bg of the body as the bg of the container div instead but that worked for me.

e.g. http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/6919/cgscreen.jpg

19 Dec 2009, 15:56
Hmm, I must still be missing something...the div is being highlighted "in firebug" as the forum only, not the entire page behind it :(

Seven Skins
19 Dec 2009, 16:40
Add opening div tag to the top of header template and closing div tag to the bottom of footer template.


19 Dec 2009, 17:20
its not working for me on default, but i will play with it, perhaps i have to delete a lot of things out of the default header. ty for replies.

Seven Skins
19 Dec 2009, 17:24
It works bro,

I tested it before posting. This is the code I used ... You will see red border around your forums.

Top of Header:
<div style="border: 3px solid #FF0000">

Bottom of Footer


19 Dec 2009, 18:04
that part works, but I am trying to get behind that, to where the background for the entire page would be......where the blue x's are on the screen shot. I want to put a div background behind the forums, and then layer a 2nd one on top of it behind the forums as well.

ie... a repeating star background, then an image of a nebula on top of it that doesn't repeat, then the actual forum body. But, to do this I need to get behind the forum elements. Hope that makes sense.

thank you for helping me though :)

Seven Skins
19 Dec 2009, 18:38
Have you tried doc_background ... user stars background in this stylevar.

add this to background image of the above stylevar url(images/misc/star.png) and use the div for the nebula background.

19 Dec 2009, 19:06
Yes that does work, on my test forums i have the stylevar as the stars, but anything else i do to try put in that nebula in puts in in the forum background instead of being on the same "playing field" the stars are on. Its hard to explain, i want to do everything on the same level as doc_background. I can't find where the doc_background is being called in the templates. I see it defined in the vbulletin.css but where it is being applied so i can see if i can div around it in the actual display templates i can't find. Anything I do, deals with the forum element itself.. like the white background on this page. If I use these forums as an example. The color blue would be my stars, but any time I try to find a place to put in the nebula it goes into the "white" area of these forums. Which is not what I want as it extends beyond the bordes and is more free flowing and blended than the very harsh constrained "white" areas of this forum.

I am no longer going to use this current design as I have to change some of the graphics and then redesign the header for vb4.0 but you can see more of what I am talking about with the stars then nebula then forums idea that I am referring too. Also, I think I am also going to have to work on the base background level with the footer too :( http://www.darkbargainers.com/tst/tstconcept.png

Seven Skins
19 Dec 2009, 20:45
This may help you.


19 Dec 2009, 23:59
no :( i got a feeling its a lot easier than I am making it out to be. I just haven't found it yet. I just wish body would apply to the entire page and not just to the forum element...that is what is killing me.

20 Dec 2009, 10:10
well it should change when changeing it in stylevars,,

But it dosent, just praying they got stylevar set up for gold
so were able to change that background.

tryed all options in this post aswell.. No luck either

20 Dec 2009, 13:44
This may help: Set your forum/document width (can't remember what the stylevars call it) to 100% and then in your last container (the final one around header and footer set the width to what you want the forums to be. If done properly you should then have the full width to play with and obviously you can just add further containers around the 'forum container'.

i.e. at start of header.
<div class="forum_container" style="width:700px;">

and then close it at the end of footer. And as I said if you want more divs just put them outside of that container (i.e. above it). I think that should give you more of a chance of doing what you need.Obviously the width can be put into the css for whatever class name you used. i just put it in-line to show what I meant.