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19 Dec 2009, 23:42
I am customizing the multi quote button. When I load the page, there is not a multi quote button showing but when I click that same area to select the option, the correct button shows up. After a few attempts, I am to the point that I need to ask what I am doing wrong?

This is coding I am using....

<vb:if condition="$show['multiquote_post']">
<a class="multiquote" href="{vb:raw post.replylink}" rel="nofollow" onclick="return false;" id="mq_{vb:raw post.postid}">&nbsp;<img id="mq_image_{vb:raw post.postid}" src="{vb:stylevar imgdir_button}/multiquote-back<vb:if condition="$show['multiquote-selected']">on<vb:else />off</vb:if>_40b.png" alt="{vb:rawphrase multi_quote_this_message}"></a>

Anybody have suggestions?


19 Dec 2009, 23:54
I don't understand exactly what you mean. You realize the images are put there by css? So, perhaps you haven't touched the css for the button.

20 Dec 2009, 00:13

Yes, I removed the CSS backgrounds and added the <img src=.... right after link code.

What I am trying to accomplish is basically the same coding that is in VB 3.8 but with out the tables.

This is the current 3.8.4 code...
<if condition="$show['multiquote_post']">
<a href="$post[replylink]" rel="nofollow" onclick="return false"><img src="$stylevar[imgdir_button]/multiquote_<if condition="$show['multiquote_selected']">on<else />off</if>.gif" alt="$vbphrase[multi_quote_this_message]" border="0" id="mq_$post[postid]" /></a>

20 Dec 2009, 00:20
I am pretty sure the stuff dealing with the buttons is all javascript. Try a search in the javascript files to find where the image comes from and then modify the javascript files. (Sorry, I don't help on javascript issues as I'm NOT very good with it.)

20 Dec 2009, 04:45
I agree with lynne.. I suggest you download the uncompressed version (can be selected when downloading vbulletin). Then you can get a look at what the javascript does.
But be aware that using background images in css is much better.. because they get cached in a much better way and more search engine friendly because not there for them.

20 Dec 2009, 15:31
Thanks for the replies... I did revert them back to using the CSS.