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20 Dec 2009, 09:46
Hi everyone I have noticed there is two ways to make a banner appear at the top

1) Style Var > Title Image > Change to your banner

2) Style Var > Header Background > Remove the gradient image and insert your own

The 1st option looks bad to me as it makes your site banner a logo which can be downloaded etc (right click, save image as)

The 2nd option looks the best as when you right click on the banner it does not show you "Save Image As" it makes it look like html almost. Some people have done this already as I saw them in the thread where everyone was displaying there sites.

So I tried option 2 and I got the following issues can anyone help?

1) Vbulletin logo still shows up, I removed it but it comes up with a cross there as the style is looking for a blank image.

2) The image header size does not stretch to the new image size.

Any help appreciated.

21 Dec 2009, 18:54

22 Dec 2009, 00:57
The header background feature is designed to allow you to add a graphic which matches the background of your Title Image and which then tiles across the blank space to give the look of a seamless Title image when the header is displayed on many different screens with different resolutions.

See Don's documents on the 10 steps to skining your Forum and the stylevar dictionaries, all of which can now be found on the CMS frontend over on Vbulletin.com.

I agree though that a little bit of html that would prevent the downloading of the image would be nice here. That said though, there are ways around that also and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to do it!

22 Dec 2009, 01:26
Thanks for the help!

I agree with your comments and have read that guide, what it does not allow for is to have an image without a background.

Sure you can add one but it leaves a gap between the titleimg and navbar links.

Can anyone advise how to remove this gap?

22 Dec 2009, 13:15
Yeah I agree it does leave a small gap at the bottom between the Header Image and the navabar. But if the background of your title image colour matches the background image then the gap becomes less noticeable. It really depends how less noticeable on whether you simply use an ink dropper to match the RGB colour values of your title image background or if you created two copies of that background before laying down your header image on the title image background (I hope that makes as much sense to you as it does to me). This is what I did when I created my Title Header image (created the background first and then saved two copies of it). I can still see something of a gap but it's not as noticeable since I got 'creative' with the title image background. At the end of the day though there are other things that bug me more than this so I'm not overly concerned with it at this stage.