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21 Dec 2009, 10:46
Hi everyone, I posted this on the main site but no joy so thought I would try here!

Can the dates on posts be changed? I just added a whole stack of content to a new VB4 board but it will not go live for another couple of weeks so would like to change the date of the posts to the launch day of the site?

Any help appreciated.


21 Dec 2009, 11:12
articles can be set to publish at a specifik date.

But if you are speaking of the posts/threads in the forum, they will show
as long as they are postet..

Ewen if you change the date manually in db.

So Articles : yes
Blog : not sure
threads : no

30 Jan 2010, 11:52
I have a related question.

how do i change the dates of the posts in a forum (not blog or articles)

(1) do i do it with PhpMyAdmin? which parameter or table should i amend?

(2) are there any implications? e.g. will it cost any problems such as search errors or display errors?

30 Jan 2010, 16:17
In VB 3.8 there ise this mod. It changes date/owner of threads/posts. But it isn't ported for vb4.


30 Jan 2010, 16:28
If you do it in phpMyAdmin, you need to do the dateline field in the post table and possibly the lastpost or dateline field in the thread table (depending).

Lots of people start sites with content already posted a couple weeks prior to launch date.