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22 Dec 2009, 03:32
Hello to everyone, i this image ( attached ) and i wan't to put it under the footer in the end of the body but i don't know how to do it, if anyone knows how.... :)

22 Dec 2009, 04:06
You can attach it too the footer background in stylevars as (url(/....attached image location)

However the way yours curves around may not work well with it. Make sure body_background matches and/or doc_background matches for continuous look.

22 Dec 2009, 04:09
I have also a body and a header image to match. I just can't put the body (white) into the white area of the image that you can see. Any ideas?

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I want to do this


But it come like this:


22 Dec 2009, 18:10
A quick fix would just be to remove 2inches or so off the left side of that footer you designed to align perfectly with the rest of the page.

A way you could fix it is a customized background to merge into the footer. Either way the currently designed footer is too big. Your customized background would incorporate that 2 inches that you want added. Or...you can zeo - out the entire doc_background in stylevars, similar to what I did in my forum.