View Full Version : input, textarea & wysiwyg default color ?

22 Dec 2009, 15:51
Hi, i work actually on a custom skin, a black skin

i've change many many stylevars colour, and now i've a litlle problem with the default color font on input, textarea and wysiwyg

i've search in template css, but i don't find class for change the color, and text is black (on a black skin it's don't great :/)

What is the variable used for these font ? and what is template.css for define this ?

for the moment, the only trick I found is add a custom class definition

i've add this in "vbulletin-formcontrols.css"

input, textarea, .textbox, .wysiwyg {
color:{vb:stylevar shade_color};

other problem, the popup of navbar is don't same of other popup, and i have a problem with font color too, for the "hover" it's not a problem with my blue background, but the default is not good (black font on black background)

what is the class for change this please (in template css)

14 May 2010, 23:23
I'm having the exact problem as above.. cannot find style var to change input text on wysiwyg.