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23 Dec 2009, 17:53
* My forum is a dark-themed forum (think the inverse of the default). How do I change the default text color to white? I got mostly everything changed to dark and most fonts changed to white, but when I type text into an input box (e.g. new reply/thread) it's black.
* What's the variables for the background/text color for the descriptions of parent forums on the main page (e.g. if the "vBulletin 4" parent forum had a description shown on the main page)
* What are the variables for the background colors / text colors of announcements in the forum display?
* What is the variable for the link color for threads in the thread view?
* What is the variable for the links at the bottom of posts for "reply," "reply w/ quote," etc?
* Where are the variables for the quick reply box colors?
* How do I resize the icons for threads in the thread display page (the icons that show whether a thread is hot, read, unread, etc) - I was able to resize the icon itself but it's still trying to use the "-30.png" versions instead of a smaller file. How do I pick a different file name?