View Full Version : Pushing Existing Variable From Other Template

24 Dec 2009, 04:24
How do I pass the $pagenav variable into FORUMHOME? I tried via plugin:
vB_Template::preRegister('FORUMHOME',array('pagenav' => $pagenav));
But no luck. I believe $pagenav is defined inside forumdisplay.php?
I've read all the guides on this but they only cover registering your own variables you've defined within the plugin itself...

24 Dec 2009, 04:29
You can't pass the pagenav from the forumdisplay to the forum home. It makes no sense to do so. And you can't just take something where the code is only done on forumdisplay and make it show up on a totally different page.

Perhaps you can explain what you are trying to do and we can make suggestions on how to do it.

24 Dec 2009, 04:51
err sorry, I meant $forumjump!

Edit: I'm currently trying to find where forumjump is defined so I can redefine it inside the plugin. I guess I'll just start opening up php files and search away. :P

24 Dec 2009, 05:54
Get a text editor that allows you to search directories - that is much easier than randomly opening files to search!