View Full Version : CMS - Manipulate breadcrumb trail?

24 Dec 2009, 11:29
The breadcrumb trail on the CMS when you are viewing an article appears in the wrong order.

For example, if you have a section called "Latest News", with an article titled "vb4 Released", you would expect the breadcrumb trail to be Home > Latest News > vb4 Released, but currently (on vb4 PL1), it appears as Home > vb4 Released > Latest News.

As a result, there is no link back to the "Latest News" section page, but a self-referential link to the article you're viewing, which can be an SEO issue as well as a common-sense one.

Is there a way of manipulating this within the CMS? I'm guessing it's probably a low priority in terms of a bug fix by JelSoft...