View Full Version : Pagetitle sub-page usage?

24 Dec 2009, 16:05
When using the pagetitle variable, now i use

<div id="pagetitle">
<h1>{vb:raw pagetitle}</h1>


$templater->register('pagetitle', $pagetitle);

This shows up as a normal pagetitle on the page. Now i want to use it as the forums do in default. When you go in a forum, the "forum" title and the catagory title are clickable inside the pagetitle bit. How do i get this effect in custom pages? I'm oblivious to it.

And i've tried just adding a "<a href></a>" to it, but it only makes the text clickable, not the entire thing.

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I was looking at the wrong thing, sorry fixed.

Using a different php file with the following code now:

$navbits = construct_navbits(array('database.php' => 'Database',
'database.php?' => 'Items',
'' => 'Raw Jade of Fog',

This created a sub-page navigation for me, like the forums do aswell.